Dementia Friendly Community

Good afternoon friends!

This month I will be working with Dementia Friendly PA to bring a Dementia Friends Informational Session to our Memory Café attendees.

 This is an exciting time to officially become recognized as a Dementia Friend for our community as we embark on our journey of developing a Dementia Friendly Community.

Currently, there are only 15 reported Dementia Friends in Lancaster County!

I encourage you to attend this session. It will be held free of charge and virtually as we will not be meeting for our January Memory Café at Trinity Lutheran due to COVID.

This session will be held by zoom meeting. You may register for the event at https://www.dementiafriendspa.org/dementia-friends-information-session . Look for the session on 1/27 hosted by ELANCO Memory Café. I encourage you to invite your family and support group around you who are a part of your journey!

If you have any questions please reach out to me! And of course, share this information with any one whom you would feel would benefit from this education!

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