ELANCO Memory Cafes

What We Are:
We provide a social gathering in a calm, friendly, and stigma-free environment for care partners and persons living with memory challenges. This social gathering provides an opportunity for those that participate to meet on a regular basis with other individuals with memory challenges and their care partners.  Participants can expect confidence in sharing experiences and potentially receive emotional support from other participants.

Because we offer a social gathering for both care partners and those persons with memory challenges, we do not officially identify as a support group and we are not medical professionals. However, trained volunteers, in collaboration with health professionals, run the Memory Café.

We are not a referral opportunity but will have basic information available in the form of brochures and flyers of other opportunities to help support you in this journey.

What We Do:
We provide a space for care partners and individuals with memory challenges to gather and complete occasional activities together in a supportive and understanding environment. Light refreshments are available and the event is free of charge.

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