Who This Serves?

Who This Serves:
This café serves both care partners and individuals with memory impairment. With that in mind, we ask both to attend the Memory Café together. Should the care partner just attend the Memory Café, we ask they be open to obtaining information for caregiver support groups. 

We are open to all individuals with memory challenges (dementia or related diagnosis) to partake in our Memory Café program. We do ask that the care partner remain with their loved one and manage their needs (personal and physical needs, completing activities, and any anticipated anxiety, wandering, or mobility needs). 

We recognize that relationships will be built among the attendees that naturally encourage a support group. With that in mind, when a person living with memory challenges is placed in a long-term care facility or passes, we hope that the care partner will return to visit a few times for emotional support from their peers. 

Who This is Not For:
While we encourage all to attend our Memory Café, we recognize there are times where attendance cannot occur. No individual with memory challenges may attend by themselves. The purpose of our Memory Café is to engage socially both the care partner and loved one. We recognize that there are times where the Memory Café may not be the most appropriate setting such as in a personal history that could include disruptive behaviors.  

We Ask of You:

This is a safe place to share stories amongst each other; however, what is shared we ask to remain confidential. 

Should a loved one no longer be appropriate for the Memory Café, we ask the care partner to consider other more appropriate gatherings possibly encouraged from the trained volunteers. 

We ask that feedback is provided through our questionnaire at the end of each visit. The questionnaire would provide information to the volunteers on what activities and needs are desired by the attendees.  

Most importantly, we ask that you enjoy this time you spend here in our Memory Café. We encourage care partners and persons with memory loss to come together and build friendships to support each other when it is truly needed the most. 

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